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Grow your business and provide your clients with cutting-edge cyber leadership and protection.

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  • Cyber Learning Platforms
  • Cyber Ranges
  • Workforce Readiness
  • Reporting and Analytics

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D3 Intelligence enables Intelligence Teams to discover unique insight, utility, and value from information sources and data. In doing so, Intelligence Teams, their leadership, and stakeholders will make better, more informed, and complete business decisions.

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The First and Only Unified Cyber Defense Platform With Intelligent Response Automation

BluSapphire is the first and only unified cyber defense platform with intelligent response automation. It gets rid of silos by converging network, system, and end point based multi-vector analysis. Our Platform readily integrates with existing tools to deliver comprehensive advanced cyber defense stack:

Threat Hunting

  • Behaviour Analytics
  • Sandbox Detection
  • Machine Learning
  • Network Behaviour

BluSapphire can do:

  • Single Platform for Cyber Defense
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Advanced Historical Data

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  • Cyber Learning Platforms
  • Cyber Ranges
  • Workforce Readiness
  • Reporting and Analytics

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TrapX has created a new generation of deception technology that provides real-time breach detection and prevention. Our field proven solution deceives would-be attackers with turn-key decoys (traps) that “imitate” your true assets. Hundreds or thousands of traps can be deployed with little effort, creating a virtual mine field for cyberattacks, alerting you to any malicious activity with actionable intelligence immediately.

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Complete Risk Management
Streamline your internal processes and empower your teams to manage risks. Improve resiliency, make smarter decisions, and realize ROI as soon as you go live. You want holistic insight into your risk environment. You get it with TruOps.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
Consolidate disparate information and relationships to enable intelligent and automated choices and process information through risk-based workflows.

Vendor Risk Management
Automate and streamline oversight of vendor relationships, perform due diligence, and consistently monitor third parties with this module.

Risk Management
Streamline and automate risk management processes. Leverage conditional questions and a scenarios engine to identify risks.

Issue Management
Automate identification, planning, and response processes. Start managing plans, actions, and the appropriate allocation of resources to resolve issues on time.

Exception Management
Reduce the risk of compliance violations and save time with automated policy exception cycles.

Compliance Management
You’re in control of the complete compliance lifecycle, enabling improved governance of compliance-related activities.

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Predict and Prevent Cyber Attacks with Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with CYR3CON's unique, hacker-centric approach to predicting and preventing cyber attacks.

CYR3CON technology combines advanced machine learning with automatically mined hacker community data to provide proactive, actionable cyber threat intelligence. The CYR3CON approach is unique in the cyber security landscape - improvements to the speed and quality of data collected supported by the analysis executed by machine learning identifies and prioritizes potential threats.

CYR3CON solutions are designed to empower network defenders with actionable intelligence before cyber attacks occur. Automated capture and analysis of hacker community data that fuels our algorithms predicts real threats and vulnerabilities with sufficient warning to allow cyber security professionals to prioritize appropriate action. Deploy company assets efficiently and reduce risk.

The CYR3CON Advantage
The combination of the automated collection of hacker community data that spans over 500 different sources with advanced machine learning delivers actionable information you can use to protect your assets today. Threat assessments are ranked and delivered with prioritization to reduce risk.

You will know, now, the most likely threats against your enterprise. 

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We Scan, Analyze and Identify stolen Credit & Debit Cards BEFORE they are sold and fraudulently used.

Automated Data Collection Tool (ADCT)

Data Analysis

We Identify your compromised cards and provide daily reports as well as customizable analytics

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Black Ridge

Micro-Segmentation Using Identity
Network segmentation with identity-based access controls to block or allow network connections.

Adaptive Approach to Cyber Defense
Change the dynamic and render previously successful attack methods impotent.

First Packet Authentication™
End-to-end, highly scalable and non-interactive authentication of network sessions at the transport layer.

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TrustMapp enables leaders to reduce assessment fatigue, forecast resources and manage investments to achieve risk appetite.

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Horizon3™ helps you find, fix, and verify attack vectors before attackers can exploit them, enabling organizations to continuously assess the security posture of their enterprise, including external, identity, on-prem, IoT, and cloud attack surfaces.